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Outdoor Interiors only manufactures with 100% Plantation Grown Eucalyptus!  Eucalyptus Wood is one of the fastest growing, environmentally friendly dense Hardwoods prized for its strength, durability and weathering characteristics in all climates.  Eucalyptus is naturally resistant to decay with handsome pinkish-brown tones and a straight, light wood grain similar to Teak Wood.


All hardwood is a living, natural fiber.  In time, changes occur with hairlines in the grain and lightening.  While these are normal outdoor hardwood characteristics attributed primarily to weather, you may want to maintain your furniture with a “like new” appearance.  If left untreated, most hardwoods will weather to a silvery finish over time. To maintain the original color of your hardwood furniture (noting that most hardwoods have been lightly stained and oiled before reaching the marketplace), we recommend our Outdoor Interiors Linseed Oil to be used at least 2 to 4 times in the spring/summer sunny seasons.  All new furniture should be oiled prior to use. Applications vary depending on direct sunlight, temperature, dry climates versus more humid regions.  Your furniture will provide tell-tale signs along the way so “Please Oil” accordingly. Many items can be oiled in actual work time under 15-20 minutes with light cleaning first. Do not apply oil in direct sunlight. Apply oil generously, and remove excess oil with a dry cloth 1-2 hours after application.


Outdoor Interiors Hardwood (readyOILmeTags_info to use) Cleaner should be used prior to Oil applications (not necessary for new furniture). Surface must be wet prior to applying cleaner. Cleaner and water can be lightly worked into the hardwood with a rag, soft brush or cloth to remove dirt and grime.  Our cleaner also includes a fungicide to help remove minor fungus and mold. Rinse furniture thoroughly making certain to remove all cleaning solution.  For tough grime or mold areas, gently use a soft brush or sponge against the wood surface.  Do not use stiff Brush on stained furniture.  Allow furniture to dry properly after cleaning.  This again depends on dryness or humidity in your area.  Allow at least 4-6 hours dry time regardless of zone.  Some areas may require 12-24 hours before oil applications. Apply Hardwood Oil 2-4 times a year depending on climate in your area. Dryness, elevation and humidity along with direct or indirect sunlight determines the volume and frequency of oil needed.


Outdoor Interiors is pleased to announce our Stain Kit to help repair and/or maintain the look and finish of your Eucalyptus and Teak Hardwood Furniture. This can be provided to our Dealer stores and consumers at any time!

Regarding STAIN concerns due to shipping/assemble damage please follow these instructions:

  • Included inside the Care Kit, you’ll find everything needed for our Hardwood Furniture stain and oil touchups. Please (#1) identify the zip lock bag containing the small white container marked STAIN. (#2) We’ve included a stir stick and fine grit sand paper for use with any touchups.  Stir and shake the container well. (#3) Lightly sand the area in the direction of the Wood Grain only. (#4) Use the enclosed folded paper towels to dab stirred and shaken stain and lightly touchup the hardwood area. (#5) Gently wipe stain into the wood and smooth out so dark spots are not visible. Allow to dry…stain can always be reapplied if necessary.
  • REGARDING our Primary Care and Maintenance OIL KIT (pictured above), it contains yellow Rubber Gloves and a soft rag for Furniture Oiling. Our CARE Kit also contains Linseed Oil and a separate cleaner. The Linseed Oil can be liberally applied to any furniture on display to really provide a beautiful showroom finish. We recommend if time permits oiling some table tops or furniture that has lost its luster. For Stores, if last season’s furniture is still on the fresh new appearance. The oil will also protect against future concerns.
  • If you have any additional questions or needs regarding stain kits for your customers, please call or email Melinda Busse at 800-621-4769 or
  • Our goal remains to Exceed your EXPECTATIONS… always! We apologize for any additional time this creates. Hopefully, you’ll continue to embrace the Outdoor Interiors product line. THANK YOU!