32 oz. Hardwood Oil (Refined linseed based oil)

32 oz. Hardwood Oil
(refined linseed based oil)

Our Natural Linseed Oil is perfect for all your outdoor Wood Furniture oiling projects.

  • We recommend our Outdoor Interiors Linseed Oil to be used at least  2 – 4 times in the spring/summer sunny seasons.
  • All new furniture should be oiled prior to use.
  • For more information, please see our Outdoor Hardwood Furniture Care & Maintenance page.

CAUTIONS: Using Linseed oil on natural unstained teak will create a much darker appearance initially before being placed in direct sunlight or outdoors for at least a 30 day period. Always test a small area under the furniture before finishing any piece or set with any oils, sealants or finishes.

Caution: Always dispose of hardware oil soaked rags carefully and in a safe container due to fire concerns.

Hardwood Furniture Oil