GW21250 – Grey Wash Eucalyptus & Driftwood Grey Wicker Lounger

Grey Wash Eucalyptus & Driftwood Grey Wicker Lounger

Product No: GW21250

The Outdoor Interiors Grey Wash Eucalyptus & Grey Wicker Lounger has the comfort of an Adirondack chair and a modern, elegant style for any outdoor setting.

This All-Weather Wicker and Grey Wash Eucalyptus Lounger is made from sustainable, plantation-grown eucalyptus hardwood. The grey wash technique begins with the texturing process with machine and hand brushing to create a grainy texture. Three coats of high-quality all-weather stains are applied for an elegant look and feel.

Being on-trend, we have designed this lounger with our comfortable and carefree driftwood grey textured HDPE all-weather woven wicker for lasting durability. This lounger pairs well with many accent tables and is available in two other versions as well.

40″L x 25.5″ x 36″H
Seat Dimensions: 20″D x 21.5″W x 14.5″H

38 lbs.

Plantation Grown Eucalyptus Hardwood, HDPE All-Weather Resin Wicker, & Stainless Steel Hardware

Weight Capacity:
250 lbs.

Care & Maintenance
Our Eucalyptus Wash Collection requires less maintenance than other natural eucalyptus, teak, or stained hardwoods. Yet, oiling can help prolong and rejuvenate the finish. Depending on the amount of exposure to the elements, the finish may lightly fleck and weather, allowing the eucalyptus to naturally patina when left outside. To restore to a more vibrant finish, teak, linseed, or other hardwood oil can be used 1-2 times per year, along with covering during harsh months.

Hardwood oils will not harm wicker, however, it should be wiped free during oiling projects. If wicker or hardwood becomes soiled or dirty, use water and mild detergents for cleaning.

Always cover or store away your furniture during harsh weather and the winter season.

CAUTION: Oil soaked rags should be disposed of carefully.