S10222 – 4 Pc. Antique Stain Eucalyptus & Light Beige Wicker Contemporary Sectional Set

4 Pc. Antique Stain Eucalyptus & Light Beige Wicker Contemporary Sectional Set

Product No: S10222

The Outdoor Interiors Contemporary Sectional is our most modern and largest set today.

This sectional set shows off sleek back supports, low lines, and handwoven in our all-weather HDPE Wicker around a powder-coated aluminum frame for lasting durability in all climates.

The two built-in plantation-grown eucalyptus end tables and stand-alone coffee table are finished in an antique stain and low maintenance finish. Our Olefin performance fabrics complete this set with cozy cushions and pillows.

98″L x 98″W x 30″H to the corner
Seat Height: with cushion is 18″H and 12″H without the cushion
Coffee Table: 29″ x 29″ x 12.5″H
End Tables: 29″ x 11″ x 12″H

186 lbs. for full set

Eucalyptus Hardwood, HDPE All Weather Wicker, & Protective Resin Foot Pads

Weight Capacity:
1,000 lbs.

Care & Maintenance
Our Antique Stain Accent Table requires less maintenance than other natural eucalyptus, teak, or stained hardwoods. Yet, oiling can help prolong and rejuvenate the finish.

Depending on the amount of exposure to the elements, the finish may fleck and weather, allowing the eucalyptus to naturally patina when left outside. Teak, linseed, or other hardwood oil can be used 1-2 times per year and covering during harsh months.

Hardwood oils will not harm wicker, however, it should be wiped free during oiling projects. If wicker or hardwood becomes soiled or dirty, use water and mild detergents for cleaning.

If the fabrics becomes soiled, use a mild soap mixed with water and a soft rag or brush to clean. Do not get the oil on the cushions.

CAUTION: Oil soaked rags should be disposed of carefully.