TNA3244-B: Black Lava Coffee Table

Black Lava Coffee Table

Product No: TNA3244-B

Complete your contemporary patio with the Black Lava Coffee Table. The table pairs best with the Black Lava Sofa (TNA3222-B) and Black Lava Armchair (TNA3233-B)

The table is crafted with FSC- Certified teak hardwood and HDPE all-weather wicker handwoven around a powder-coated aluminum frame. The coffee table comes fully assembled and requires little maintenance!



38” Dia. x 16” H


HDPE All-Weather Wicker, Powder-Coated Aluminum Frames, and FSC® Certified Teak Hardwood

Comes fully assembled

Care & Maintenance

When teak and wicker become soiled, use a mild detergent, or wood cleaner and a soft cloth only. Do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaning products.

Solid Teak should be oiled at least 2-3 times per year to maintain a golden teak color and preserve hardwood integrity for years to come. Use name-brand teak or boiled/refined linseed oil for outdoor use. Cover all outdoor patio furniture in the off-season and when not in use for extended periods.

CAUTION: Oil-soaked rags should be disposed of carefully.