I am completely impressed with Outdoor Interiors customer service. I noticed a problem with an outdoor table that I purchased from my local store in June. I contacted Outdoor Interiors directly and received a reply within 24 hours! Not only did I get a quick response, but Tom at Outdoor Interiors ordered a replacement of the item immediately upon seeing a picture of the problem. He also put me in touch with Maureen to take care of the matter. She was awesome and replied to my correspondence right away. I wish ALL companies were this amazing :)Thank you, Outdoor Interiors – I highly recommend purchasing from you – please share my testimony wherever you want.

November, 2020
Tra L.

Outdoor Interiors is the best on so many levels! We’re in the process of tearing out an old deck and building a screened porch. We needed to purchase some additional furniture. We searched numerous products and finally landed on this beautiful high end eucalyptus set (table only Product No: 10023LRG). Purchased on sale. It delivered on time, two chairs and the high top table. Packaged very well, easy to assemble, excellent weight, color matched, top smooth w/o high spots. Unfortunately, fedex, I’m sure, (because carrying one box at a time to my door, as I watched was beyond them that day) beat and banged it and slammed it on my porch. This somehow snapped a piece of wood off one leg, right at on s screw hole. Went back to this retailer and they wanted the whole product returned, credited and re-ordered! First that’s a waste of this beautiful product! Second, they likely would have back charged the entire item back to outdoor interior interiors. Another waste of time and money! We decided to call OUTDOOR INTERIORS directly. Tim was the consummate professional. Apologized that we had to suffer this issue. Never asked for an order number. Quickly identified the table we had. Loaded up our address and contact info Only wanted pics of the damaged leg so he was sure he had the right part number AND so they could improve their packaging. Everything easy and everything you want to hear from customer service! He emailed us and we received tracking the day after New Year’s! We received our replacement leg free of charge AND a very nice gift. A complete wood furniture care kit. Totally unsolicited I might add! We WILL be buying more of their products as we round out our porch project. EXCELLENT PRODUCTS MATCHED BY EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

January, 2019
Robert B. from Columbia, SC

The way you and your company take care of customers just makes me want to spend more money with you guys. I will definitely do so in the future.

August, 2018
Rob B. from N. Chesterfield, VA

Maureen, we want to thank you and the people and company you represent again for understanding our plight and handling replacement of your beautiful table and chairs so efficiently. We are very, very pleased 😀 with the new set and have received many compliments on its attractiveness. We have dutifully and carefully oiled every square inch and hope to enjoy it for quite a while.

Best wishes,
August, 2018
Georgianna M.

Hi you guys! Just wanted to let you know, my furniture arrived yesterday! It’s beautiful!!! I’ve unwrapped the table and some of the chairs, and the corner sectional and coffee table…starting to oil those pieces today! Haven’t yet unwrapped the couches, no room in my garage until I put these chairs together and get them all oiled…BUT…just have to tell you, I LOVE EVERYTHING SOO MUCH SO FAR!!!!!!! CAN’T WAIT TO GET IT TOGETHER…I’LL HAVE HELP NEXT WEEK, SO THAT GIVES ME TIME TO UNPACK AND OIL! THEN I’LL TAKE PIC’S ONCE THE YARD IS COMPLETED ABOUT THE MIDDLE OF AUGUST, AND I HAVE IT ALL SET UP AND OUTSIDE!!!! THANKS SOOOOO MUCH, IT’S BEAUTIFUL! VERY EXCITED!!!!!

July, 2018
Carol G. from Bend, OR

Wow Tim! You just don’t get customer service like that these days. I will be sure to pass this along when people are enjoying my beautiful new table. You have just earned a loyal customer! Please let me know what I need to do next. Thank you.

July, 2018
Dianna C.

Dear Maureen, we are so pleased with your offer to replace our table! We are also quite shocked by how responsive and accommodating Outdoor Interiors has been to the minor issues that have developed with our furniture. With other companies, it seems that a few bad apples have spoiled the bunch by taking advantage of warranties and liberal return policies, which has left the rest of us scrambling, fruitlessly, for satisfaction when real problems occur with our purchases. I am grateful Outdoor Interiors considered the merit of our problems on an individual basis, rather than directing us to a blanket policy.

Outdoor Interiors is an amazing company, with a competent, professional staff and a gorgeous product. If the Chesney Family hadn’t been your best Furniture Ambassadors before, we certainly are now! Thank you again, with Gratitude.

June, 2018
Mary C. from Barrington, IL

Maureen, thank you for the speedy response! We were surprised to see the chairs delivered Saturday afternoon! I put them easily together, ragged on some linseed oil and I hope to sit in them today.

Thanks for the stellar customer service!

May, 2018
Tony K. from Hartford, MI

Hi Tim, We just received the Wood Furniture Care Kit you sent to us. Thanks so much! I’m sure we’ll put it to good use. We’ve been using our new furniture and just love it. Our son was visiting, and he was amazed at the level of customer service from Outdoor Interiors, in particular, the fact that you are looking into a design change for the future. Nice to see a company who really takes customer feedback seriously!

Thanks again, and have a great day.

April, 2018
Al & Deb S. from Ocala, FL

Thanks so much Maureen! It arrived today. This is the best customer service I have experienced in a long time, I really appreciate everything you have done!

Have a nice holiday. Thanks

January, 2018
Grace O.

Thank you Maureen. Appreciate you quick response and excellent service! It is good to know you stand behind your products. When I have a need we will definitely use your products in the future! Thanks again.

December, 2017
Marshall F. from Villa Rica, GA

Michelle, Thank you! We received the replacement parts and are all set. They worked fine. Your response and response time was exceptional. I will recommend your company and products with a ” High 5″

October, 2017
Tim & Jan K.

Dear Outdoor Interiors:
Wow! What amazing service! I will recommend you highly. Warm regards and much appreciation.

August, 2017
Melissa G. from Boulder, CO

Thank you Tim. I appreciate your and Outdoor Interiors’ above and beyond customer service.

August, 2017
Victor D. from Hypoluxo, FL

Hi Michelle, thank you so very much for taking care of us so promptly. We really appreciate that very much. I can’t think of any other time that I had a customer experience, with any customer service from any company, that would even come close to being as good as this has been. You have been of great assistance to us, and for that your company can count on future business from us. Thank you very much for your help with this.

August, 2017
Vlad A. from Ontario, Canada

We LOVE our outdoor interiors Furniture! The staff is friendly! Customer for Life!

August, 2017
Chelsea G.

Thank you so much. This is great customer service. Your product is wonderful and so is the team supporting it. Refreshing.

July, 2017
Larry R. from Boise, ID

Hi Tim, the couch arrived and was assembled without any issues.
Thanks again for your great service.

July, 2017
Alex T. from Ontario, Canada

THANK YOU for the rapid response especially on a Saturday! We are truly impressed with your great customer service.

July, 2017
Karen H.

Hi Maureen, all I can say is, “WOW!” Thank you for standing by your product and for the great customer service. Both seem to be a rarity these days. We will certainly be telling our friends about our experience with your company. Everyone has commented as to how they like the stools and now we have something great to add to it!

July, 2017
Kim S. from Canton, CT

Tim, thank you so much for the oil kit that you put together – that was a complete set of tools to get the job done! I have sanded down the bench and table top after re-staining them and they look almost as good as new. Kudos for standing by your products and for your prompt response in handling my issue.

July, 2017
Gavin R. from Portland, OR

Hi Michelle, I just want to thank you and Tim for your assistance. Your response time and follow through on this matter were exceptional and greatly appreciated. I understand that product challenges can happen from time to time but your handling of the issue was refreshing. I love this product and I’m impressed with your company. I will highly recommend your company and products going forward.

November, 2016
Chris D.

I wanted to say thank you for being so quick to fulfill my request. I love your customer service! AND my bistro set looks gorgeous…now that the hurricane has left the area I can’t wait to set it all up on my patio. I will dedicate my first morning coffee at the table to you and Outdoor Interiors.

October, 2016
Barbara G.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Tim and Michelle for their prompt and courteous response to my issue with one of your benches. It arrived with a broken arm piece. Your response and the prompt replacement of the part was wonderful. I truly appreciate your product and your customer service. We will be looking to your company for future needs.

October, 2015
Sam M.

Amazing customer service….way above and beyond. Thanks for hooking me up with your product when I couldn’t find it locally. Impressive beyond words! Thanks to Michelle for closing the loop by taking my order and shipping it.

March, 2015
Carrie Ann M.

Hi Tim, I can’t thank you and Melinda enough. I wanted to call out the exceptional service that Melinda provided. She was patient & understanding where a lot of people would have said “tough luck”. She pushed forward to find a solution that would satisfy the customer. Thank you again!

October, 2014
Gloria G. from Las Vegas, NV

Tim….thank you so much!!! My husband absolutely loves the chair and I am so appreciative that you are standing behind your product. If I could afford it I would buy your entire line of furniture! The pieces are so comfortable, sturdy and attractive. I still hope to add to the line at the end of the season with a couple of lounges. Many thanks for your help.

August, 2014
Bonnie M. from Scarsdale, NY

Hi Tim…. Received the lounge chair, stain kit and cleaning kit today. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love the chair. I SO appreciate your quick response to my concern, all your help and generosity. YOU ARE AN AMAZING BUSINESS OWNER!!!

April, 2014
Janet C. from Columbia City, OR

Received the torches yesterday. Perfect condition. Looks very nice. Will try to decide quickly if we want more. Thank you for all your help. We’re in a new home and have ordered numerous items. I wish everyone was as easy and thorough as you were to work with….and delivered exactly as expected, undamaged.

April, 2014
Lew M.

We received everything on Friday as promised and the new chairs are awesome. You are right, they are better designed and constructed. The assembly was vastly improved. The new slate was really a nice color and will look great. I applied the furniture oil and the color and depth on the chairs is quite impressive. I was so impressed with your response, how you handle my order and the pricing was just great. I will recommend your products with the highest regard and you have made a customer for life!

March, 2014
Kevin J.

Melinda, thank you (and your organization) for the EXCEPTIONAL customer service and your willingness to listen to my issue. I always say to my departments: “we will make mistakes…the big challenge is to “own up to it” and deal with our customers”. You folks did that part in a very honest and comforting way for the customer. I will recommend your product (and they are beautiful products) to anyone that visits us and sees our deck table and rocking chair (that’s all I have…for now…)

October, 2013
Pierre R. from Cambridge, MA

Thank you so much for the lovely bistro set. That is excellent customer service. It is greatly appreciated in today’s world where customer satisfaction has gone by the wayside. I shall buy your products whenever possible and certainly recommend you to others. Thank you again.

August, 2013
Karen H.

Thank you very much for your superb service. The issue has been solved and all is well. You folks are GREAT!

June, 2013
Lauri F.

Hi Melinda, thank you for all the instructions as well as the stain kit. It got here so quick which will enable me to have my table looking perfect for Mother’s Day. An Outdoor Interior customer for life,

May, 2013
Anne G.

Tim, we received our pub set and we love it! Was very impressed with the construction of the table and stools and know we will enjoy them for many years. Thanks for all your help.

February, 2013
Billy C.

Tim, my replacement swing lounger arrived today, 2 days before you said I’d get it. Thank YOU! I’m extremely happy with the service I’ve received from you and Outdoor Interiors. I currently live in an apartment with a small balcony, which explains why I only have 2 swing loungers and the matching table. Once I buy a house with a patio or deck, you damn well better believe Outdoor Interiors will be the company I look at to furnish that outdoor living area. Thanks to you and your staff, SO MUCH!

July, 2012 
Chris H.

Amazing in 2012…. I send a query off to a company and same day I get a personal response from the President! Thanks so much! We just had our patio screened in and chose your table for its clean yet graphic design. I will admit I was half suspecting some mid quality table hastily pinned together but was impressed as soon as I opened the carton….the smell of the eucalyptus is wonderful. Construction and components are all first rate, had the table together in no time, it is really a beautiful design. Again, thanks for your almost immediate response, when I need outdoor furniture again I’ll be sure to look at your products first and will also recommend you to all our friends. Most impressive way to run a company!

July, 2012
Don S. from Tucson, AZ

Thank you, Melinda. The screw arrived today. Thank you so much for the expeditious manner in which you handled my request. It is good to know that there are companies who still strive to please their customers and who stand behind their products. Thanks again,

May, 2012
Lewis W.

Hello Tim, we have received the table and chairs and are absolutely delighted with the set! The table opens quite well and the chairs are very comfortable. A bonus for us is that the granite inlay matches the granite surrounding our grill! I appreciate your willingness to work with me in purchasing the patio set. Thanks for your assistance! Sincerely,

April, 2011
Ellen A.

I am writing to commend Outdoor Interiors on its outstanding customer service and fine products. Customer service called me back within hours that same day. In this day and age, to have a company call you back the same day is unheard of. It took me quite some time to purchase a patio set but once I saw the color of the wood and the table that expands I was sold. This set is not only beautiful but very comfortable. I do entertain quite a bit and be rest assured I am spreading the word about Outdoor Interiors, the beautiful design of your sets and the outstanding customer service. Thank you again.

June, 2009
Melanie S.[/orbit_tab_1_content]

Thank you all so much!!!! I Deeply appreciate it! This man had so much gumption and wit to him and he and his wife wanted their new table set for his 80th birthday next Friday and I’m so grateful you were able to help get it to us for him!!! He was very thankful after I spoke to him and told him.

Thank you again. Give my best to everyone!!

April, 2018
Sarah W. from Bare Furniture from Accord, NY

Tim, Thank you for your personal note. My staff and I truly feel your product is a genuine value for the customer. It looks great and sits great too. Would enjoy visiting with you. Your shipping is fast. We would recommend you to anyone.

October, 2017
Gloria S. from the Bruce Co in Littleton, WI

I wanted to take the time to write a testimonial about Outdoor Interiors, one of the best suppliers I have had the pleasure of working with. Though I am no longer a buyer and don’t get to work with Tim, Kristin and Alex any longer, I still wanted to make sure everyone knows what a great company this is and what great people they are.
There are many reasons that I liked working with Outdoor Interiors. Here are some of them, just to name a few.
They are always up on the latest trends and ensure their products are fashion forward and on-trend.
They take the time to get to know their customer needs. They worked with us on exclusive product that fits our brand.
Their attention to detail and quality assurance is one of the best in the industry. They are committed to providing quality products and stand behind their product one hundred percent.
Once the product is in stores and on the selling floor they provide excellent customer service. Many times, going above and beyond to help a customer and ensure they are completely satisfied with their purchase.
They provide training for our store associates to make sure they have all the knowledge they need to be able to educate and inform the customer as to why they should buy Outdoor Interiors product.
Most importantly the reason I loved working with Outdoor Interiors was the owners, Tim and Kristin have to be the nicest, honest and most sincere couple I have ever met. They go above and beyond for all of their customers, it is not often you find this in a kind of service and loyalty in a company. I hope some day to be able to work with them again.

January, 2018
Pam B.
Multi Store Retailer Director

Tim, Kristin and Tom, it was a long day of setup for our Pre-Reunion as you can imagine and I just received the below regarding Outdoor Interiors from one of my members who I’ve been working closely with this season which could not have come at a better time. I want to give you positive feedback on a vendor that we have done quite a bit with thru drop-ship and warehouse ordering this year: Outdoor Interiors. We just placed our 4th drop ship with them and they are very informative and helpful/passionate about the product. We have been treated very well there and it is obviously very well run. Thought you would probably like to know. I cannot thank you enough for your dedication and passion to our retailers. Thank you so much for doing what you do!!!

July, 2017
Adoree P.
Major Hardware Co-op Merchandise Manager – Chicago, IL

I just wanted to thank you for how well you’ve treated our customers this year. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with you and I can’t tell you enough how much it’s appreciated. You provide a great product and back it up with top of the line customer service. As you know, this is something we strive for. I know all of our customers appreciate your efforts. Let’s keep the momentum going and see where we can take our business together. Thanks again for your help and kind words.

May, 2015
Phil B. from Seattle, WA – Vendor Manager

I really appreciate you sending us a new chair and the maintenance kit which were totally not expected or necessary. The manner on how you solve your customer service issues are a true indicator of the success and quality of the products and company you represent. I am excited to enjoy my chair and let all that ask know where I got it from.

March, 2014
Stuart B. from Rochester, NY

I wanted to express a huge thanks for your partnership over the past year. The category has gained significant momentum and Outdoor Interiors has been a big part of this achievement. I believe you guys are set up for success moving into 2014. If there is anything I can do for you please let me know.
Thanks Again!

December, 2013
Michael G. from Seattle, WA

Tim, while conducting our due diligence review on you, we had a chance to review your company website and your outdoor furniture is absolutely beautiful. My entire team took time from their duties for a few minutes to review the site. Very impressive. Thought I would share the positive feedback with you, can never have too much! Looking forward to having you on board.

November, 2013
Gina D. from Boston, MA – Compliance Officer and Counsel