TNA7495 – Teak & Ash Wicker Counter Height Chair

Teak & Ash Wicker Balcony Height Chair with Sunbrella Cushion

Product No: TNA7495

Our Balcony Height Arm Chair is draped in all-weather wicker and includes solid teak accents built into a powder-coated aluminum frame and woven in our ash grey all-weather wicker and includes a Sunbrella cushion.

The Outdoor Interiors Vineyard Teak Collection is crafted from only the highest quality materials starting with all-Natural plantation-grown FSC®  Certified Teak hardwood for long-lasting outdoor use and durability in all climates.

Our Balcony Height Armchair is Danish styled with clean lines and classic form that brings out the best in what we do and who we are as a company today.

21″ x 24″ x 42″H
Seat Height: 26″ with cushion

FSC® Certified Teak Hardwood, HDPE All-Weather Resin Wicker, Powder Coated Aluminum Frame, Protective Resin Foot Pads & Sunbrella Fabrics

Weight Capacity:
250 lbs.

Care & Maintenance
For cleaning, use a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaning products for maintaining the golden teak color; oil the solid teak at least 2 times per year. This will maintain and preserve the hardwood integrity for years to come. Surface areas require more care if in direct sunlight. Use name brand teak, linseed, or hardwood oils for outdoor use.

If vintage grey patina is desired, various water-based conditioning products are available today that will colorize and preserve the teak. A natural patina will occur if no products are used and left outdoors.

Always cover or store away your furniture during harsh weather and the winter season.

Hardwood oils will not harm resin wickers; however, the wicker should be wiped free with a dry soft cloth during oiling projects. If the wicker becomes soiled or dirty, use water and mild detergents for cleaning.

If the fabrics become soiled, use a mild soap like Dawn or Palmolive mixed with water and a soft rag or soft bristle brush to clean. Hardwood oils will stain the fabrics if they come in contact. For more information on how to care for your Sunbrella fabrics please visit-

CAUTION: Oil soaked rags should be disposed of carefully.

Sunbrella Care & Maintenance

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